Electric Fire as Trigger: Injured after Explosion on US Oktoberfest

              Sunday, October 06, 2019

The original Oktoberfest takes place in Munich. However, the motto is celebrated worldwide.
(Photo: imago / masterpress)

              Oktoberfest is celebrated not only in Munich. In the United States ends a celebration of Bavarian customs with several injured. Only an electrical system catches fire, then it explodes.
              In the southern California coastal town of Huntington Beach, guests of a local Oktoberfest were injured by an explosion after the fire of an electrical system. Eyewitnesses even reported three short bursts of explosions in the local restaurant KTLA-TV in the restaurant that organized the party. A video posted on Twitter showed a huge tongue of fire, which suddenly shoots into the sky. At the time, the fire department was already there because it had been called to an electric fire in the local. When the forces opened an underground electrical system, it was blown up, said Huntington Beach's chief fire chief, Jeffrey Lopez, CNN station. Four people, including two firefighters, were reportedly slightly injured. The fire department cleared the restaurant and brought the fire under control. According to CNN, the cause of the explosion will now be investigated together with the operator of the electrical system. Some visitors said they had noticed a smell of gas.

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